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Blogging has become as normal as breathing for people on the internet. What once used to be an online journal of personal updates is now a powerful platform for communication and information.

Credible and constantly updated blogs, such as CyberGrace, are now a go-to source for the latest tech news, insider insights, and even the occasional irreverent humor. If you are in the tech industry and would like to join our growing community of blog contributors, feel free to give it a go. We are always open to new ideas and insights from people who are working in technology.


Who Can Contribute

Our doors are open to anyone in the tech, computer science, cyber security, and IT industries who wish to share informative insights. Specifically, we are looking for people who meet the following requirements:

  • You are in well-versed in technology and innovation.
  • You are an independent writer who has experience with blogging.
  • You are interested in writing about tech topics, such as computer science, information technology, cyber security, and the internet of things. We also accommodated topics highlighting the latest tech trends.

If these points apply to you, consider writing for us. 

How to Write for Us

At CyberGrace, we require articles to be at least 800 words. We only make exceptions for a shorter word count if you have an exceptional topic. Either way, please make the article as engaging and informative as you can. And although you can promote in the article, avoid making it purely promotional.

On another note, please bear in mind that we prefer straightforward content with a conversational tone. To the uninformed writer, 800 words about tech may seem like a lot. But to people like us who are well-versed with the digital sphere, the word count is just enough for digestible and helpful information.

Why Work with Us

CyberGrace aims to be a go-to platform and community for tech experts and enthusiasts. We provide a steady stream of great ideas and up-to-date information about the tech, cyber security, and IT industries.

If you decide to write for us, your content will be available across all our online platforms — from the website to various social media channels. In exchange for insightful and informative blog posts, you gain online exposure and the chance to grow your network.

Pitch a Topic to Us

If you wish to join our community of contributors, feel free to send a pitch, including your topic, its thesis statement, a clear outline, and your authoritative sources. Send us your bio, as well. We want to know the people behind the contributions.

Submit your proposal, today, and we’ll let you know how to proceed.

About CyberGrace

CyberGrace is your go-to source of all news related to the tech, computer science, and cyber security industries. We want you to remain up-to-speed on the constantly changing technology trends. Check out what our contributors have prepared for you.

“Right now, computers make our lives easier. They do work for us in fractions of a second that would take us hours. […] As things progress, they’ll be doing more and more for us.”
Steve Jobs
co-founder of Apple Inc. and founder of NeXT
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